Climate Change on Earth

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Climate change is a phenomenon that is continually posing challenges at the earth, its inhabitants and the natural systems that exists. Therefore climate change is a threat to the earth’s biodiversity similar to land degradation and habitat loss. These are different in the sense that climate change has only recently caught academics attention (Foden et al, 2013). Threats to diversity like habitat degradation may appear on one site and cause threats on local scales, on the contrary to climate change, which is global and affects the earth as a whole. This then is a demand for global consensus. Sommer (2010) found evidence that pointed out a global increase of 0.6oC in temperature. This paper aims to discuss the implications of climate change that are already visible and the anticipated implications on conservation and reserve design. The paper will point out the species and habitats that will be affected and how they can be protected by altering reserve design. Climate change is the alternate warming or cooling of the climate of the earth’s surface. It is associated with phrases like global warming and also closely related to glacial and interglacial processes. It is essentially a natural process but influenced by anthropogenic activities. It is a subject of interest since it has such wide implications. There has been an ongoing debate as to whether climate change is actually partially anthropogenically motivated. Those against the opinion argued that it was just a natural process and humans had no hand in it. This is the initial reason for the formation of the IPCC. An abbreviation of Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change it points out evidence for climate change and how humans have caused it.Activities that involve the b... ... middle of paper ... ...rce management and conservation planning. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1165, 79–98. Mawdsley, J.R., O’Malley, R. and Ojima, D.S. 2009: A review of climate-change adaptation strategies for wildlife management and biodiversity conservation. Conservation Biology, 23(5), 1080–1089. Meadows, M.E. 2005: Global and climate change in Southern Africa. Geographical Research, 44(2), 135-145. Midgley, G.F., Hannah, L., Miller, D., Rutherford, M.C. and Powrie, L.W. 2002: Assessing the vulnerability of species richness to anthropogenic climate change in a biodiversity hotspot. Global Ecology & Biogeography, 11, 445–451. Sommer, J.H., Kreft, H., Kier, G., Jetz, W., Mutke, J. and Barthlott, W. 2010: Projected impacts of climate change on regional capacities for global plant species richness. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 277, 2271–2280.
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