Civil Disobedience: How Peaceful Resistances Positively Impact A Free Society

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Civil disobedience is the act of opposing a law one considers unjust and peacefully disobeys the law while accepting the consequences of it. A peaceful resistance has many steps in being a resistance. The free society even though the society is free it can still be impacted positively and negatively. Many events have happened to impact the free society. I believe that peaceful resistances positively impact a free society. In a peaceful resistance there are many steps in order to achieve the peaceful resistance. First, the act of civil disobedience must be the last thought. Second, the act must be public. Third, the act must be done conscientiously. Fourth, the law protested must the law that was broken. Fifth, they must know the trouble they can get in for protesting. Sixth, the most important one, the act must be non-violent. …show more content…

Some think that civil disobedience is impacting the free society negatively and some think it is impacting the free society positively. “Protests are necessary and rightful in democracy to make sure everybody is well suited and happy living in the same society and that none feel left out or wronged. They also serve a bigger purpose as they make us question and re-consider our established moral ideologies.”(Quora) Civil disobedience can help people feel better about a law being pass or any government wrong doing. Also it can keep the constitution true to its word because the people have freedom of speech. If the people protesting know the consequences and doing the protest peacefully then it can impact the free society

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