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Chronicle of A Death Foretold Based on Garcia Marquez's novel Chronicle of A Death Foretold I would conclude that Marquez is a man very interested in how things come to be, how the events leading up to a single moment all work together to form one final product. If I were to discuss the assasination of J.F.K. with him I would not be surprised if he was curious about the events of the President's life starting a week prior th the fatal event. He would want to dnow how he ended up in that situation. He would want to know what the motive was and how the killer came about these feelings. Could such an act be justified if it were taken out in the name of honor. Marquez feels strongly about upholdin one's honor. If Marques and I were at dinner, I would imagine that at this point our food would come. If someone began to say grace I know he would have something to say about it. Ge has a very strange way of looking at religion. If his writings reflect in any way the manner in which Marquez thinks than the reader can learn a lot about him from this novel. The story begins with Marquez giving away the ending. A man by the name of Santiago Nasar has been killed. He tells this to us because to Marquez this is not the most important event. Marquez is also quick to reveal who killed him. To Marquez the importance lies in how the whole thing came to be. He wants the reader to understand how the relationship between the Bicario boys and Nasar developed. Marquez doesn't simply state that the twins are going to kill Nasar because he took ther daughter's virginity. Marquez shows how values have a lot of meaning in the town and that the killing was an attempt to save the family's honor. This honor means a great deal to Marquez. First of all having his characters kill inits name shows that it is above even life. The town that the story takes place in is a reflection of Marquez's feelings about one's honor. After the killing has taken place it is a well known fact who committed the crime. It is not really a question of guilt. The town knows that the Bicario boys are huilty. Somehow they still have a viable defense. The boys claim that they did these thing to get back the honor that Nasar had stolen from them. This was seen as good reason by the town, but it is clear that the boys still have to answer to God. Religion is by no means lost in thes story, it seems to take place in a very religious town. However, religion seems to have lost much of it's meaning. The arrival of the bishop is a clear example of this phenomenon. On a day when many of the townspeople gather to see the bishop, with great excitement I might add, his appearence is to be a big event. Upon his arrival he does not even step foot on the soil in the town. He simply passes by on a boat and waves his hand in the pattern of the cross seemingly to passify the spectators. Even the bishop has lost focus of what religion is, or should be. He is there to make an appearance and nothing more. He does not speek the word of God or anything of the sort for that matter, he simply flashes a sigh with his hand over and over again. In full, Marquez questions the motive of society. Maybe he is saying that one should stop worshiping something simply because is is in front of him and put more faith in his beliefs. Stop putting so much emphasis on a single event and focus on the whole. After all, all of the single events in our lives will eventually lead up to one single moment.

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