Christopher Columbus: Discoverer or Invader?

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Did Columbus discover or invade the west Indies? There have been circular arguments,internaionally, concerning whether Columbus discoverd or invaded the west Indies. through this essay I will explore all counter arguments for this particular topic. Its complex yet simple, one step at a time. Christopher Columbus was a renaissance explorer in 1492. he was sent by queen Isabelle and king Ferdinand of Spain to look for a trade route to east Asia What do the word discover and invade actually mean? Well, if one discovers something it means to be the first to find something. Whereas invading means to take/be in a place without permission. Usually violence is involved. Many people would argue that Columbus had discoverd the west Indies this is because most of the historians in the 1400's, which were Europeans therefore they writ biased text glorify their country where by they wanted to avoid any form of negative conspiracy attached to it. Even though we have read the Europeans point of view, we are still left in the dark as to hearing both sides of the story. We have been shown only one side of the coin, the arawaks were illiterate and therefore is was most unlikely to keep anyform of records concerning the evens that had taken place. As outsides to the real facts, we have little knowledge of the arawaks and what had really happened. As there is a letter to which Columbus himself admits on 'discovering' west Indies. In the time, the news was spread in Europe and the arawaks were not aware. One would like to thoroughly explore the meaning of discover, to discover a place means to be the only person to find something before anyone else. How can Columbus 'discover' when people already inhabited it? How can he claim he was the s... ... middle of paper ... ...ombing was planed by the government " the next historian will use this information for his own report. On the other hand, some historian books say that he had invaded the west Indies this is because he has set foot into an area saying that he had discoverd it when clearly there were people living there. Another reason is that some books had said that the Vikings from Iceland and Greenland reached there almost 500 years before Columbus. I personally think that Columbus has invaded the west Indies because of the way they were treated by the Spaniards (mention in the invading paragraph). I think he was responsible for the ethical cleansing of the arawaks because he had slowly wiped them out by selling them and giving them diseases. He was prejudice, I know this because he wipes them out simply because of their skin colour and the fact they didn't worship who he did.

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