Christians' Beliefs About The Death of Jesus and Life After Death

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Christians' Beliefs About The Death of Jesus and Life After Death

The idea that Jesus died and then was alive once again is stated

clearly in the gospels and in other books of the testament .Paul in

his letters made clear that Jesus did rise from the dead. In the first

letter he wrote to Corinthians he gave a list of people who saw Jesus.

The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus were the great events on

which the whole Christian Gospel is based on. For some people it seems

that the Belief in the resurrection has no place in the modern world,

People don't rise from the dead, it cannot happen. Belief in the

resurrection of Jesus is of the highest importance to Christians

today. Some Christians believe that the body of Jesus actually rose,

physically. Others that the sort of resurrection is difficult to

accept- or doesn't matter anyway.

Christians believe that the risen Jesus is always with them, as he

promised he would be.

Jesus was the person seen by Christians as making the ultimate


Jesus suffering is something very important to Christians; he endured

both physical and

Spiritual pain whilst he was on earth. It demonstrates the love and

the respect he had for his people. Jesus was scared near the end of

his life on earth and even prayed that god might spare him of his

suffering; 'Father ............My Father! All things are possible for

you. Take this cup of suffering away from me (Mark 14:36).

When the high priest asked Jesus if he actually was the 'son of God'

Jesus was faithful to God and so was killed for the crime of


Jesus accepted his death knowing that the suffering he would

inevitably endure would give people faith and hope.

* Explain why the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus are

important for Christians today?

Jesus does drink the cu of suffering and proves that his trust in god

remains although god seems to have left him.

The account of Jesus life in marks gospel which includes his suffering
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