Child Labor Essay

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CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study Child labor refers to the employment of children, hence depriving them of their right to attend normal school and depriving them of their childhood rights to develop mentally, physically, socially and morally. In this case, a child refers to any person below the age of 18 years (Abagi, 1996). The agricultural sector is a major employer of child labor, especially in developing countries. Even America and Europe, especially before 1950’s, recorded cases of child labor. However, in the recent years, child labor has been abolished in the developed countries, with the introduction of very strict child labor laws and punishment for the same (Blumen, 1984). The practice of child labor continued to grow in sub-Saharan Africa. During the colonial rule, between 1650 and 1950, thousands of slaves were taken to work in the large colonialists’ farms and plantations, mines and households. Some practices, like ‘new tax laws’ and exchange of apprentice for ownership of property for labor encouraged the continued practice of child labor (Maleche, 1972). Indeed, the sub-Saharan part of Africa is the most affected by child labor, recording as much as 40% of children aged between 5 years to 14 years being forced into labor for survival (Beegle, 2005). The most commonly cited reason for child labor is poverty. To this effect, many organizations have been campaigning to end child labor all over the world. Kenya has experienced its fair share of child labor incidences, experiencing some of the worst forms of child labor. According to a study carried out by Bureau of International Labor affairs in Kenya (2012), the most vulnerable children are the orphans. The same study revealed that although Ken... ... middle of paper ... ...experienced rampant cases of child labor and those that have also experienced a significant decline on child labor. These will provide the necessary information on the effects, both negative and positive if any, that child labor has on the miraa business as well as offer a wider range when it comes to reaching respondents. The respondents will be easily picked because they will be residents of miraa-growing areas. In terms of limitations, the respondents may not be very willing to cooperate or they may give the wrong information. Availability of enough funds to carry out the research is also another limitation that the researcher may encounter. 1.10 Assumptions The researcher assumes that the respondents will give their full cooperation and that the information given by the respondents will be given in honesty, without withholding any of it and without exaggeration.
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