Chicago Is A Dangerous City

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Chicago is a great outstanding city. It’s not difficult where to find excellent food in Chicago. Chicago is really beautiful at night, when all the building lights are lit. There are really great tourist spots to visit, but this city faces problems every day. Chicago is a dangerous city to live in, ever since Al Capone rose into power with liquor and murder. Reasons why Chicago is dangerous is because gun violence, armed robbery, and drugs. Chicago has other problems, but are not relevant as the other reasons. Chicago is a dangerous city because of gun violence. “When you compare Chicago 's homicide rate to that of other big cities in the country -- New York and Los Angeles, for example -- it tops the list”. Chicago is known for strict gun laws; However, Chicago is in first place for number of gun murders since 1995. This really is a problem in Chicago that needs attention. I personally have had a lot of experiences when it comes to shootings. There was one time when me and my family were heading home from school. My dad was driving through Western, when all of the sudden a car came...

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