Chaucer's Modern Pilgrims Character Analysis

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Chaucer’s Modern Pilgrims
(Analysis of Modern Pilgrims Who Would Go on Chaucer’s Journey) Chaucer decides to take some interesting Pilgrims on his pilgrimage to Canterbury The Canterbury Tales: The Prologue. Some of these people include the Monk, Friar, Summoner, Parson, and the Pardoner. These are just a few of the characters selected to go on the journey to Canterbury. All of the characters have different roles, physical traits, personalities, and classes. At times these different traits bring controversy and some interesting conversation. Today, some people to include in Chaucer’s pilgrimage to Canterbury would be a reality television star, an NFL player, and a high school teacher. The first modern day person to go on the journey would be a reality television star. This TV star would dress very scandalous and rich. Her skin would be bronzed and glowing as if she was always under the sun’s light. She’d have long black hair that swished her lower back when she walked. This TV star would be a distraction to the other pilgrims because she would flaunt her curvy body and parade around like she had something to prove. Chaucer would include her because in modern days, people look up …show more content…

The football player would be a mammoth of a man, with dreads and dark skin. An incredible athlete with little common sense. He would talk with a big loud voice, always recognizing the awards and recognitions he had received. This would be a great choice for Chaucer to take on his modern day pilgrimage because the player would offer many diverse qualities to the group. It could also offer some behind the scenes scoops on professional football and the players. Also, having a person who makes an unreal amount of money for playing a sport with other hard working pilgrims could bring in some great conversation. Not to mention some crashing of opinions when it comes to favorite sports teams and maybe even some

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