Charlie Gordon Flowers For Algernon Essay

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Charlie Gordon should not have had the surgery. In the story, “Flowers for Algernon,” Charlie Gordon is extremely naive about the surgery and the side effects that come with it. Charlie had various sociable conflicts before the surgery as well. To add to that, Charlie was mentally impaired and thought he needed to be repaired. Charlie struggled with knowing who his real friends were, and he was unaware of the fact that his “friends” were laughing at him, not with him. Charlie thought that Frank and Joe were his best friends; they were not. Before the surgery, they would only spend time with Charlie to mock him. They would use the phrase “pulling a Charlie Gordon” when someone messed up. After the surgery, Charlie was more aware of what they were doing; however, by that point, Joe and Frank were afraid of Charlie because he had become a highly intelligent human being. Most of Charlie’s co-workers were afraid of him as well and filed a petition to get him fired. Too add to that, Charlie witnessed a young man that was mentally disabled that was being berated by others in a restaurant because he made a mistake and dropped dishes. Charlie knew that was how he was treated when he was mentally disabled and could not bear to see the young man being insulted. Before the surgery Charlie was smart enough to understand he was not normal. …show more content…

Dr Nemur and Dr. Strauss were opportunists; therefore, they took advantage of Charlie and affected his entire life. In addition, Charlie was a human and was equated to mice. Charlie did not understand that the surgery could fail, because he was the first human experimented on and was not the mice that the doctors experimented on. Lastly, the society benefitted from Algernon’s death because they then figured out that Charlie was going to die as

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