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Not many people read comic's, but the one’s that do they know in the comic book world there are many universes. A hero in one universe could have a “twin” in another, but everyone is different and has their pro’s and con’s. An example that many can relate to is the marvel and D.C. Universe. One group of characters that everyone can relate to is deathstroke (D.C.) and deadpool (Marvel). By the end of this you should see the similarities between these two mercenary/assassins and you will see the universes are alike but just with small tweaks to make them different.
Slade Wilson aka deathstroke is from the universe of D.C. He is an assassin/mercenary. When slade was a soldier he volunteered for an experimental hormone therapy conducted by the US government. From then on slade became a super solider. The procedure enhanced his strength and intelligence which made him less human. As a regular human you use ten percent of your brain but slade could use ninety percent which beats Steven Hawking and Einstein. Another fact about this super solider is that he has the strength of ten men and possesses enhanced speed, agility and endurance. Deathstorke’s is unbelievable he has the strength to snap a sword in half, cut through a car with his sword, and take hit without affecting his performance. Slade is also very fast and agile enough for him to take on entire teams by himself and dodge bullets at close ranges. His pain tolerance is so high he is able to lose large amounts of blood enough to kill a normal human but remain at top performance.
Slade entered the army when he was sixteen and toured in Korea. When he came back that is when he decided to volunteer for the experiment that made him super human. As years went on the government sent sl...

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...have a lot more common than you think the only differences is one can use ninety percent of his brain and the other can break the forth wall no problem.
In the comic book world you may think your hero is the best but how do you know there is not another like him. To me it keeps the fun in reading and keeping a twist, some may like deathstroke because of how dramatic his comics are and how professional he is, and some people may like deadpool because of how comedic he is and how he bends the rules in the reading/comic book world. All together the Wilson’s are a force to be recon with they are at the top of their game and if these two where to ever meet you would think they were lost brother’s they have taken these two universes and made them mysterious and funny they are the same in many ways and different in some. I guess that is what happens when assassins collide.

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