Characters In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye

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Right now, as I am writing, cloudiness is setting in my brain, my shoulders are growing tense; I am using music and a running television to keep me sane. A long time ago, I discovered something about myself. The discovery happened when I had another paper to write. It was a five page paper. Just like this paper, I couldn’t start it; I did not know how to write that paper. I had a topic about writing that I was given or may be chosen, but my mind was blank. I felt the problem was more than procrastination; simply because of a heavy feeling that was set in my body. I was highly tense. I was also annoyed. My annoyance then turned into slight anger. My level of anger was increasing because of my thoughts of things that annoyed me about that paper.…show more content…
It’s a great novel mostly because of the effectiveness of the characters. In this novel, Morrison created characters that seemingly had a mind of their own. It was almost like watching tv in your head. There was one focal character in the story named Pecola Breedlove. If you read the book, you will realize that character has nothing to do with the author. Claudia MacTeer, a 9 year old character also from the same novel, can be considered odd and close to the author. Claudia did somethings that a normal 9 year old will not do nor care about. She was oddly wise and military minded for young age. On the contrary, Pecola had a lot of bad luck; her family was broken and broke; she was considered ugly and was made the punching bag in her community. The things that happened to her in the book, made me think about the mindset of Morrison when she was writing it. I can’t fully explain but the way Morrison set up the storyline and plot gave logic to the things that happened to Pecola. Morrison put Pecola in a storyline where she (Pecola) had an abusive father, an uncaring god-loving mother and brother who ran away and they all lived in a poor housing, struggling. I sure that Morrison wanted good things to happen to Pecola but she knew that Pecola had her known symbolic message to get out. Pecola was there to show the horrible effects of being black (dark skin tone) and consider ugly within her community. The other characters from the novel seem more to care about their own lives than others. Morrison overall goal was to affect and change the reader
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