Characteristics Of Conformity And Compliance Based Studies And Experiments By Social Psychologist Dillard, Milgram And Asch

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Have you ever felt the need to be a part of a group to be popular? But realized you don’t meet their standards. In society there comes a point when people are placed in certain situations where they have to conform and comply, in order to feel accepted. Even though, many people have different views, opinions and ideas compliance and conformity are always the two main key factors in an individual’s performance. Social psychologists conducted many experiments to understand compliance and conformity on individuals. I will be discussing the characteristics of conformity and compliance based studies and experiments by social psychologist Dillard, Milgram and Asch. For many years people have been conforming to their life activities that have effects on their lifestyle. For example, a person could be working in a job for many years yet this person is doing the same job duties since the beginning for this company. This type of activity can affect the person mentality in a way that this person can become addicted to a certain type of jobs that are not require much attention. A group of individuals that are becoming conform to the rules in society, they can be so responsible to their actions according to their beliefs. For instance, children would need to obey their parents in order to not be punish for a certain period of time. According to the article “The psychological explanation of conformity” says that conformity is the object to an external or internal factors that causes conforming actions in the form of individuals, groups, organizations, policies, rules and regulations or experience and natural instinct of the subject (Guandong). In addition, compliance is also a part of conformity. Compliance can be referred as following a set... ... middle of paper ... ... and women were tested. Unlike in the Asch experiment where only men were being tested (Mori 392). In the Mori experiment, the confederate group was eliminated and instead used polarized glasses to distinguish the difference between slides on the presentation. The Mori experiment resulted in a success displaying that “the minority women erred more because they conformed to the majority” (Mori 305). Throughout the 1900’s, many experiment have been created and tested on individuals to measure their compliance and conformity. Social psychologist Dillard, Milgram and Asch have set great a foundation for future psychologist to do more research about compliance or conformity. One example, is the Mori experiment in which the foundation was based on the Asch experiment. All of these experiments show the capacity and performance of an individual 's compliance and conformity.

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