Character Analysis of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“You can’t repeat the past?... Why of course you can.” (110 This enduring quote from the famous novel The Great Gatsby by none other than F. Scott Fitzgerald stirs the mind and imagination in wonder of the very character who had uttered these words. Infamous Gatsby is the mysterious man behind the lavish and enthralling parties; a man who made his money and his image in that of a king. But, who is this mysterious man? How did he receive the great fortune of developing all of which he had possessed? He had it all, but we are on the outside looking in; did this man with everything really have nothing at all? If Jay Gatsby is the real person we see him to be, then James Gatz is nonexistent. The day that the world had gained Gatsby, it had also lost James Gatz. There is a mysterious motive behind every move Jay Gatsby makes; these meticulously planned out moves will ultimately lead to an unfortunate and untimely demise.
Jay Gatsby is a cryptoquote within himself. Who is this man? Gatsby is not only one man, but two. James Gatz, the son of dirt poor ranch farmers from North Dakota, had always dreamed of something more. Likewise, Jay Gatsby, the exuberant man behind the posh parties had also dreamed of more. But just how exactly did James turn into Jay; how did one man go from one financial extreme to another? Gatsby is an interesting character, yet many fail to notice. Within the novel no one knows how Gatsby had gotten the money and no one specific individual knew exactly what he looked like. Many knew the person, but not the man. If anyone were to recognize this mysterious man at any of his parties, he would be lurking around and not joining in on the festivities. Why would a man of such an extravagant lifestyle willingly hold partie...

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...ain. He had her and he would rather die than see her get away again.
Eventually Gatsby is waiting. Waiting for that fate changing phone call from Daisy. He wants to go in the pool to pass the time while waiting for said phone call. George, Myrtle’s husband had found out that it was Gatsby’s car that hit his wife so he goes out for revenge. In that fateful evening three souls were lost that day, George’s, Jay Gatsby’s, and James Gatz’s. The lost of those two lives were completely unnecessary. Gatsby always seemed to be right and knowledgeable, yet the one thing he was the most incorrect about was he could not repeat the past. No matter how hard he tried to rewind the hands of time and change his fate he could not. He learned the very hard lesson of life. That nothing in life will work out perfectly for anyone. Learn this lesson and live life to the fullest potential.

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