Character Analysis Of Chief Bromden

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Point of view-The story is told by the point of view of Chief Bromden, a patient at a mental health hospital. He expresses his own emotions as well as providing background details on the characters and setting which enables the readers to comprehend the story better. -Character Development- All of the characters experience significant development throughout the story. This starts when McMurphy first enters the hospital and teaches the patients to not be afraid of expressing their feelings. For example, he wanted to watch the world series in the television, but the television hours were at a different time than the world series. He got some patients to vote for the time to be changed by questioning why they were afraid to vote for the change. “You afraid if you raise your hand that the old buzzard'll cut it off”(pg 117). with the aid of McMurphy, chief Bromden goes from withdrawn with flashbacks on his time in the war to actually participating in activities instead of hiding away. “I noticed vaguely that I was getting so’s I could see some good in the life around me. McMurphy was teaching me”(pg 223). Lastly, McMurphy's efforts to rebel against the system and Big Nurse's rules do not go to waste. Chief Bromden runs away from The asylum, and is finally free at the end of the novel (pg 310-311). He was free of the asylum and its' rules. Harding also speaks up to Big Nurse when she tells him that McMurphy will be back after his electroshock treatment. At the beginning of the novel, he wouldn't have dared to say anything to her because he would have been too afraid, but he tells he that he thinks she is “so full of bullshit”(pg 307). -Flashback-The story incorporates a fair share of flashback to explain certain details about patien... ... middle of paper ... ... to walk out?...[they're] no crazier than the average asshole out walking around on the streets.” (pg. 26). MacMurphy believes that some of the patients are there like him, voluntarily, but that doesn;t change the fact that they are all confined in the ward unable to escape. The patients are also confined mentally. Bromden is stuck with memories of the war and parallels these to the asylum like comparing the war fog to the fog in the asylum. However, all of the patients are confined mentally since they have mental problems that they have no way of escaping. 3 important quotations from the text: “I been away a long time” (pg. 311) “She's lost a little battle here today, but it's a minor battle in a big war that she's winning and that she'll go on winning” (pg. 109). No, buddy, not that. She ain't peckin' at your eyes. That's not what she's peckin' at.” (pg. 37).
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