Christianity's Evolution: Insights from Dante's Inferno

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Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world today. Christianity has the largest amount of followers today. Over time, the religion has developed and change depending on the era. However, most of the traditional values are kept the same since its creation. Throughout many years, there have been numerous ideas originating from Christianity that do not exist today. During the development of the western world, religion played a big role in everyday lives. During the 14th century, an era of change began with the Renaissance as people experienced change and development through the western worlds. In Dante’s Inferno, some of these new beliefs, changes, and different forms of imagery can be noticed throughout the whole poem. Throughout …show more content…

The Guelfs were composed of those who fully supported the pope while The Ghibellines supported the Emperor and the aristocratic families. Eventually, the conflict between the two political parties was overruled by The Guelfs. However, internal conflict between The Guelfs created the party to split between the White and Black Guelfs. Dante was known to engage in some of the political issues during this time. According to an article, Dante was involved in running for one of the highest public office positions in the city. However, the article goes on to point out that Dante’s involvement in the government eventually costs him his home when as the Black Guelfs returned to power and exiled him. Dante’s journey through exile acted as a reflection for his relationships he encountered in Florence (Kumar). His experiences greatly influenced his writing as they detailed the corrupt political and aristocratic leaders. According to English Professor Celia Easton, after the Black Guelfs exiled Dante, it led Dante to compose all of the writings in The Divine Comedy relating his experiences and containing prophecies to the people (Easton). Dante’s works are believed to contain prophecies which correlate to his experiences after exile. His feelings and emotions are believed to be what motivated Dante to create the allegory through a journey of Hell known as

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