Change Management

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Companies and organizations are changing continually to be more efficient in what they do. Change is not always readily accepted. Many people like to stay where they are and become comfortable with their current position. Business writers and managers have stated that unless organizations continue to change, they will become stale and inefficient. There have been many change management initiatives such as Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, and the Japanese Kaizen. Although these initiatives carry different names and slightly different processes, they all have a few elements in common. The most important elements for successful change management, as emphasized by the course text Human Resources Management in Canada and John P. Kotter’s article Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail, are time, sufficient communication, and understanding the urgency for change.
Change is gradual; it takes time for things to change. It has been said that, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” This is true for the business world as well. We simply cannot expect things to change overnight. Kotter has argued that it would more reasonable to allow a few years in order to fully allow the change process to unfold. Management should give themselves a large window of time to schedule in change. If they believe that they can make a large change over-night, they are merely fooling themselves of their capacity to manage. No matter how good a ma...
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