Champagne Wine Essay

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In the northeast of France, a region known mainly for it’s famous sparkling wine, named after itself Champagne. Wines from this region been recognized since before medieval times. Around the 5th century, the Romans planted and cultivated the vineyard in this region of France. Later, the churches and monks cultivated these vineyard in order to produce wine for the sacrament of Eucharist. Champagne wine was used in coronation ceremonies for French Kings, when they were traditionally anointed.
Because the Champenois were envious of what their neighbors, the Burgandian, they sought to produce wines of the same quality. Due to the climate of the northern region, they were faced with multiple challenges in producing red wine of the same quality.due to the extreme weather changes, the red grapes failed to ripen and produced wines with higher acidity and lower sugar levels. They were unable to outdo their neighbors because the wines had a lighter body and were thinner than the Burgundy wines.
The region of Champagne is located in a region where, due to the high altitude, the annual temperat...

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