Cause Of Poverty In America

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Essay3: Causes and Effect What are the causes of poverty in America? How do governments end poverty in America? What is the way to fight poverty? Poverty is one of the biggest problems for low income working families those who earning less than twice from the federal poverty line. Also, poverty levels in United States have usually increased. According to the 2011 U.S. Census Bureau, around 16% of American lived in poverty. The number of low income working families rise from 10.2 million in 2010 to 10.4 million in 2011, representing nearly one third of all working families. The causes of poverty in America are poor economy, lack of education, Drug use, and single mother.
One cause for poverty in America
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Almost, half of poor people around United States are uneducated. They cannot afford to read, and write. Again, many people from the lower class simply cannot afford to attend college and earn a degree. Therefore, the poor parents who are responsible for children do not care to send their children to school, but they prefer sending them to work to help the family with the living expenses. The only jobs for uneducated person can get low paying salary with no benefits. This cause can put a family into poverty line. Between year 2007 and 2011, the working families who are low income increased from 28 percent to 32.1 percent. As of the year 2008, the average earnings for someone with just a high school diploma were about 20,090 early which are just under the poverty line for a family of three. That cause leads to high rates of unemployment in…show more content…
Drug and alcohol addiction affects about 20% of the homeless population. Drugs can become so addictive that it will dominate the life of the user. Therefore, some people dump all of their money into their habit. For example, a gram of cocaine sells for about $100. If a person were to use a gram per day, they would spend $700 per week on their habit. That is more than most Americans make per week. For those who use heroin, their habit could cost them thousands of dollars per week. The cost of alcohol can be significant as well, especially in high poverty areas. As well, money spent on alcohol and a heavy drinker could also suffer from poor economic effects. These include lowered wages because of missed work and decreased job efficiency, lost employment, increased medical expenses for illness and accidents. Based on these examples it is easy to see how drug and alcohol abuse could drive users and their families into poverty or
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