Cathedral by Raymond Carver

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The story of Cathedral, by Raymond Carver, shows that you do not have to see someone or something in order to appreciate them for who or what they are. It is about a husband, the narrator, and his wife who live in a house. The wife, whose name they do not mention, has a very close friend who is blind. His name is Robert. Robert's wife dies, and comes to their house to spend a couple of days with the narrator and his wife. The narrator, whose name they do not mention as well, is always on edge because he does not really know Robert very well and he does not like blind people, but he is being friendly for his wife's sake. The story comes to an end when Robert and the narrator draw a cathedral together using the narrator's hand and helped by Robert.

In the beginning of the story, the author gives you an idea of what type of characters you are working with. He then forms the rising action with conversation among the three characters. The climax is when the blind man, Robert, and the narrator begin to draw the cathedral, which leads up to the resolution of how the narrator becomes changed and learns a valuable lesson, which is the overall theme of the story.

There are many things that make you realize what the theme is in this story. The first thing that brings out the theme is the point of view from which the story is told. The narrator, who is the husband, talks from a first person point of view. Throughout the story, the narrator describes people by their outer appearances. For example, in the beginning of the story he says, "He was no one I knew. And his being blind bothered me. My idea of blindness came from the movies." Then when he first meets the blind man he says, "This blind man, feature this, he was wearing a full bear...

... middle of paper ... see it in the most important way.

The wife and Robert have a special relationship. He was there for the wife when she got her divorce from her first husband. She constantly boasts and talks about Robert to the narrator and when Robert is at the house she constantly ignores her husband and does not stop saying how good it is to have Robert at their house. At first I thought that the wife was in love with Robert, but I feel that she just appreciates him for the type of person he is and the narrator doesn't appreciate Robert until the end when he learns his lifelong lesson. As you can see this story has a deep meaning. It shows that you do not have to literally see someone to know how beautiful a person truly is. Robert not only teaches the narrator, but he teaches the reader to abide by the very old and famous saying and that is "to never judge a book by its cover".

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