Cassius and Brutus in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Cassius and Brutus in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is set in 44 BC were Rome was a republic. Roman

influence had spread beyond Italy and through the Mediterranean and

some of North Africa and also parts of Germany, Belgium and Britain.

Rome was governed by a senate. The main objective of all this meant

that not one person was solely in charge and had absolute power and

were king like.

Marcus Brutus is the most complex character in this play. Brutus is

one of the men who assassinate Caesar in the senate. Brutus is

complex, because he does not just kill Caesar for greed, envy or to

preserve his social position like so many of the other conspirators.

This Brutus makes very clear in his speech in act III, scene II (lines

12-76), where

he explains his actions for being the good of Rome. Unlike the other

conspirators, Brutus is in fact a dear friend of Caesar's but kills

his ally not for who he is, but what he could become. It is for this

reason that when Brutus dies by suicide in Act V, Mark Antony

describes his bitter enemy by saying "This was the noblest roman of

them all", (Act V, Scene V, line 68), Mark Antony recognising with

these words that Brutus acted from a sense of civic duty, not malice.

However, it is hard to ignore the fact that Brutus has one main

weakness which is his pride. Furthermore, he has to appear noble to

himself and everyone around him.

So one of Brutus's motives is a sense of ancestral pride. He has to

live up to the standard his ancestors had set and cannot belittle them

in anyway. This is one of his main weaknesses in this play because his

ancestor Brutus overthrew the last k...

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...n power and is

pre-eminent. Also gestures in Macbeth as the storm symbolises

prefigures suggest the violent change in society and symbolises

prefigures of the fall of Caesar.

Cassius speaks less in this scene because Brutus has simply destroyed

all of Cassius authority in the conspiracy. What ever Cassius

suggested Brutus just slapped it down

And degraded and debased Cassius. Cassius at the start of the scene

would have been confident to just come and inflate Brutus's ego

further but Brutus was ready for Cassius and not imbalanced and

wouldn't let Cassius inflate his ego further. Also, Brutus violently

Disabuses Cassius forcing him onto the back foot and having to appear

weaker in front of the pre- eminent Brutus. Also he would have to

agree with everything Brutus said to regain a sense of pride and

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