Casino Legalization

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In the past 20 years, casino and gambling industry has been developed globally and domestically in a dramatic way for three reasons. Firstly, casinos often contribute a large amount of taxes and levies to locals and states and provide a significant number of jobs, and thus, has been legalized in many states, resulting in a substantial growth across the U.S. and globally. Also, casinos focus their businesses on providing best entertainment experience to customers and patrons. Moreover, a substantial number of visitors around the world visit casinos every year, gradually playing a vital role in the tourism industry. Therefore, their contributions to the economic development both domestically and globally combined with their technology management leads casinos to the global expansion.

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A casino is a place providing various kinds of gambling activities to customers; it needs lots of employees in different positions to assist a large number of gaming customers. For example, it needs dealers, bartenders, cashiers, servers, managers, security guards, slot key personnel, surveillance officers, customer representatives, etc. Since many areas are struggling economically, state governments decided to legalize casino gambling as a way to help the state with budget shortfalls. Also, building and operating a casino creates opportunities for the suppliers of gaming equipment, systems, table games, and other components to develop their businesses. Casinos need products and services supported by the suppliers, successfully promoting the development of the gaming equipment manufacturing industry. Because of their influence on the economic development, the state governments would like to legalize the gambling industry. Due to the legalization, the gambling industry has experienced a substantial

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