Careers in Coffee Brewing

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What do most adults do as soon as they wake up in the morning? In general they reach for some sort of beverage, and for many people this beverage will be coffee. People drink coffee for a variety of reasons. For centuries, people around the world have enjoyed coffee in many different ways, however the main ingredient is the same. Coffee not only acts as a stimulant and wakes people up it also has health benefits and is a tasty treat with varieties for each individual taste.
Ethiopia is the city were coffee was found in the eleventh century by a shepherd that saw his goats playing in the farmland. The goats were full of energy after eating a strange fruit that was at the valley. He was impressed by the goats reaction so he tried the coffee cherry himself by eating it. The shepherd was amazed by his mental and physical reaction. After noticing his performance after eating the coffee bean he became excited and he wanted it to share it with everybody so he brought it to a monastery nearby where the monastery monks made a delicious and aromatic whine, coffee became very popular and the news traveled fast to the places nearby, right after that coffee house started being very popular around the towns however they were accused and blamed about dragging peoples away from their responsibilities and families. (1 page 17)
Americans are responsible for bringing the coffee to North America since then coffee became an everyday thing. America wakes up with their coffee aroma of a percolator and looks forward to breaks to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Knowing that the Dutch was the one who introduced coffee to America for the first time and same as him almost all American’s love to add cream or milk into their coffee. After the Boston tea part...

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...n also protect from getting liver and colon cancer somehow reduces the concentration of sterol secretion, bile acid and cholesterol. (2)
A study checked by the Italian has found that coffee and liver cancer same as the other studies has a similarly benefit. After all drinking an extra cup of coffee a day than the usual helps to reduce a twenty three percent risk of getting liver-cancer a Japanese study backs up that coffee does helps an protects from getting colon cancer only on women. Researches at Tokyo National Cancer Center studied the information on 96,000 women and men in the ages of 41 to 69 years old. It has been found that women that drinks more than three cups of coffee a day has only half of the chances of getting the colon cancer than non-drinkers these effect didn’t apply to men which could be due to men drinking and smoking more than women. (2)

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