Canterbury Tales And The Pardoner's Tale Comparison Essay

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When comparing The Canterbury Tales, there are many similarities and differences between the stories. Two good examples of comparing the stories from The Canterbury Tales would be The Nun’s Priest Tale and The Pardoner’s Tale. When comparing these two stories, there are many factors to look at, such as the plot, form, style, word choice, moral, characters, enjoyment, and the overall feeling the reader gets from the story. In The Pardoner’s Tale, the plot is that most people will say anything and everything, so that other people can view them a certain way. For example, The Pardoner pretends to be this all holy man who wants to relieve everyone of their sins so that they may all go to heaven and not perish in hell, but that is not his true …show more content…

In The Pardoner’s Tale, the words are a little more difficult to understand. The story consist of many complex words. Some of these complex words may cause the reader to lose attachment to the story, but most of the words are on the page of the reading, so that the reader can continue with the tale. In The Wife of Bath’s Tale, the word choice is meant to fit the style of romance. Within the tale, much of the words are meant to be less complex, so that the reader is able to connect to the romantic feeling of the tale.
When reading The Pardoner’s Tale, it can be seen that the Pardoner is a very greedy man who wants nothing but money but is telling a story about greed and how it is the root of all evil. This factor may add great interest to the reader so that they’ll stay attached to the story to see what will happen next. In In The Wife of Bath’s Tale, the pardoner is telling the story, so the reader may feel that the tale is bad or very twisted, but as the story continues it is proven that it truly has a happy ending. The reader may value this story more due to the Pardoner telling the story and it having a happy

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