Camping with a Blob

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It was a great summer year in 2011, I had my first summer job as a cook at a summer camp. I had a blast every day, interacting with the kids and playing with them. Every day during my brakes I would go to the water front because the camp had a blob. The kids would get so excited when I came because since I am a big guy I would make them fly in the air with the blob. The camper would jump on to the blob and crawl to the end and sit facing the water. I would then run towards the blob from a tall dock and jump on it, landing on a sitting position making the kid on the other end be launch in to the air and landing on the water. In order for this to go well I needed to have my glasses on because without them I couldn't land the landing right and make the campers have a great time flying. I never thought I would loss my glass in the lake since I always had them on in every jump, but this time the landing went wrong and my glasses felled off my face.
It all started Wednesday night as the staff decided to have a night swim. In order for this to happen we had to wait for the campers to go to bed. When they were finally asleep we got ready with all are swimming gear to go have fun. Then we all met back at the main lodge waiting for a small bus to take use to the lake front because it was mile walk from the lodge. I was really excited to go because I had never done something like this before at night. When the bus came we all got settle in and headed on are way to the lake. We began to take pictures and start sing the song called, call me maybe; we were all dancing and screaming.
When we arrived we got off the bus and waited for the life guards to give us instruction. It was really dark and the moon wasn’t enough light to see, so we decided...

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...lungs, “I found them, I found my glass!” and I ran out the water to show them. Everyone was still praying when I scream, when they heard me they couldn’t believe that I had found them and when I showed them my glass they started to clap and where so happy for me.
I will never forget that night when I was freaking out for my glass. God listen to the prayers that were made that night. He gave me every little inch of strength I had left in me to go down dose 18 feet of lake water one last time and come back with my glasses in my hand. Even do I was left alone in the water by the staff because they gave up I was not alone. God was there with me the whole time, waiting for me to ask Him for help. Whenever we find our selfs in tribulations all we need to do is ask God for his help and He will help us, just as He did for me. He never leaves us and is always there with us.
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