C. Cellzone: Your One Stop Cellphone Shop

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I. Executive Summary C. Cellzone is a big mobile phone, gadgets, and accessories retailing company that is spread out in 90 branches nationwide. Its value propositions include offering varieties of products in affordable and wide-ranged prices. Their products include mobile phones, telecommunication products such as prepaid cards, accessories, other gadgets, and quality services to customers. Their target market includes all socioeconomic classes with no preference on gender and age. The means by which they make their profit is primarily through sales although they also have partnerships and sponsorships with other major companies such as Puregold, SM Supermalls, Jollibee, etc. In general, they have a lot of different suppliers from which they get their merchandise and stock inventories and they make sure that they constantly communicate and reach the quotas set with these suppliers. Finally, the company has a positive profitability, in light with the industry of telecommunication and wireless communication growing and shifting to smart phones. As for their net profit and gross profit ratios, they have increasing trends, meaning they are able to utilize well their capital to get good income, and it is expected that they can thrive in the competitive industry they are in as of the moment but it is recommended that they manage their merchandise and stocks better since the cost of goods sold deducted from the sales are also big. As with any other companies, C. Cellzone also has some limitations in terms of technology and quality of their people’s skills so for recommendations, trainings and investments in terms of process technologies were provided. Cutting down on other operational expenses might also be a good opportunity for them to better handle their finances and result to a larger net profit. In general, the company’s operations right now is in accordance with their mission and vision of serving the Filipino people by offering them diverse products and quality service, as well as providing employment for them within the company. II. Introduction The General Manager, Charles V. Tomas, used to work in a Singaporean firm distributing cellular phones in the Philippines and saw the potential of this rising technology during the 1980’s. From then on, he worked hard and legally established in the country’s Department of Trade and Industry his own company he called Supernova Telecommunications in 1995, now named C. Cellzone. Their mission, as a company, is to improve the lifestyle of the Filipino people by providing them with quality products and services in the most affordable way, to fulfill its responsibility to its partners and people, and to help the country and the government by helping uplift Filipino citizens

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