Business Meeting Improvements

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For many years, my company had very clear lines of authority, position, and title. Your title determined everything from the type of phone you had, to the size of your office, to the color of your walls. Although the culture of the organization has since changed, I believe this instilled a fear in many lower-level employees of talking in meetings that included higher-level executives. These executives want everyone in the meeting to feel comfortable voicing their opinions, but have trouble getting full participation. Therefore, my facilitation box focuses primarily on ways to improve participation, though many of the items can be used for other creative purposes as well.

Like Professor Schlake did on the first day of class, I will begin my meetings by passing out the squishy balls and iso flex stress reliever toys to the meeting attendees. In an organization like ours, this will immediately change the tone of the meeting and allow all participants to let down their guard. As we saw in the first class, people will throw the toys to each other and laugh at their silliness. Thes...
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