Business Administration Is The Most Popular College Degree

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After I graduate from Seminole High School, I plan to continue my education in Business Administration. Since I was little I always saw how my sister enjoyed her job. I liked to play like a cashier and administrate all the money and kept count of the money. My sister always told me about her work and always inspired me to keep on studying. She was a role model for me. Even in times she took me to her job, I remember it was the tallest building in Los Angeles and she showed me what she had to do. Business Administration is the most popular college degree in the United States. This career has many benefits depending on what type of degree. There is four types of degrees, Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and (DBA) Doctor of Business Administration. Hundreds of schools all over the United State offer courses in business administration. Business administration offers a great number of job options. A business administration is a dynamic and flexible, with this you can pursue a career of accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, public administration, and much more. With an associate’s degree in business qualifies for entry levels in careers, including management and administrative roles in private, public and nonprofit organizations (Business Administration Degrees and Programs par. 1-3). To get an Associate’s Degree in business it takes about two years. Many schools offer concentrations in specific areas of business administration, it includes health care administration, human resources and information systems. Programs typically focus on accounting, management and software applications. Theses programs helps build skills and industry background information to quality for a job in a specialty field. An associate’... ... middle of paper ... ...n office. Some benefits of this career is it’s salary, with a starting of $60,000 annually and having a lot of opportunities in different positions. The least to acquire a job, is having a High School diploma and at least an two years of college an associate 's degree or bachelor’s degree (Interview). Having a degree in business major has a variety of careers, some are Accountant, Loan Officer, Bank President, Administrative Aide and much more (Related Careers par. 1). In order to become a business administrator you have to have confidence, communication skills, be able to be good with numbers, patience, and the minimum of two years post high school. Achieving your dreams and goals in life is the best, with a lot of patience and hard work I would be able to achieve my goal become a business administrator. Be able to make my family and sister proud of me.

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