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“If you've ever had that feeling of loneliness, of being an outsider, it never quite leaves you. You can be happy or successful or whatever, but that thing still stays within you.” As a child, Tim Burton was an introvert who was shy, quirky, creative, and didn’t blend well within the social crowds of his hometown. Just like his years of youth, his style and his memorable characters are misfits that don’t fit into any category. Having a child-like horror sense, the movies Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Big Fish all exhibit Burton’s unique style. In order to portray his style Tim Burton uses the cinematic techniques of shot-reverse-shot, flashback, and low angle. As a director, Burton uses shot-reverse-shot in order to show the reactions towards the social outcasts in his films. For example, during the land of candy scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there is a shot-reverse-shot between Willy Wonka and Mr. Salt. The camera flashes from the hubris CEO disgustingly glaring with one eyebrow raised to the eccentric candy maker who is uncaringly smirking. During the confrontational stare down, Willy Wonka is clearly being ostracized for his quirky ways and his social ineptness. Another example of shot-reverse-shot is used is when Edward sees Kim for the first time in a picture in the cult classic Edward Scissorhands. During this scene, Edward is awe struck by Kim’s beauty and there is a moment where the camera flashes from Edwards longing face back to the photo. It shows that despite his non-human characteristics and his unusuality, there is still a humanistic side in him that yearns for affection and to be normal. Throughout many of Burton’s films, flashbacks are used in order to reveal the histo... ... middle of paper ... ...racters. Burton uses this technique in order for the viewers to favor the underdog and the outcast. The cinematic techniques of shot-reverse-shot, flashback, and low angle were used to evoke different emotions in the viewers and for them to relate to Burton’s unique style. Through his style of directing and his oddball characters, Tim Burton has taught us that it is okay to not confine ourselves into the social norm. Whether it was a man with scissors for hands finding true love, a man full of myths reconnecting with his son through his creativity, or a peculiar chocolate-loving man being accepted by his own father, it is clear that happiness and success is still an option to even the weirdest of the weird. Although the symptoms of being a wallflower might never leave or the past might show up in the present, people can still chose what they do and where they go.
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