Brreyers Vanilla Ice Cream Case Study

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Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream As summer is fast approaching, the sounds of the ice cream truck can be heard all over the neighborhood. Recently these ice cream trucks have been replaced by frozen yogurt trucks, a healthier alternative to ice cream. Ice cream is filled with calories and fat grams, however even though people are calorie conscious, the ice-cream industry is a multi billion dollar business. In 2014, Breyers ice cream came into the top five highest earning ice cream companies in America. With over 300 million dollars in profit, Breyers ice cream is very popular. Statistically, chocolate and vanilla are the most popular ice cream flavors, I have decided to research vanilla ice cream, because that is my personal preference.…show more content…
The ingredients of Breyers ice cream include, milk, cream, sugar, Tara gum, and natural flavor. Tara gum is found in small shrubs and trees, it is native to Peru. The Breyers ice cream company recently added tara gum to its list of ingredients in vanilla ice cream. Tara gum works at keeping the product fresh for a longer amount of time. The article describes ice cream as “temperature sensitive”, the tara gum assists with keeping the flavors level in the product during transportation. The tara gum acts as a thickener, it is used in other products as well as ice cream. For the company to have to list tara gum as an ingredient, there must be more than two percent present in the product. Tara gum has not been linked to any diseases, specifically…show more content…
Compared with other brands, Breyers is considered to be a healthier version of ice cream. It is important to be aware that ice cream is not a health food, it is a snack, there are brands that are less fattening than others, however it can only be compared as the lesser of two evils. Even though the first ingredient is milk, there is no significant amount of protein found in the ice cream, only two grams. A better protein source would be a cup of fat free milk, which has fewer calories and fat grams. The cream, which is listed as the second ingredient contributes to the heavy amount of saturated fat found in the

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