British Monarchy

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The British public’s view on the monarchy has changed tremendously over the past two centuries. Because of this, the monarchy’s social and political roles have been steadily declining. The reasons behind this are the Great Reform Bill of 1832, growing political parties, and the actions of the Royal Family. To begin, in 1830, William IV became king of Britian. Many events through William’s time as the king made it so that the monarchy lost power and influence on the country. First, in 1832, William went against his wishes and conceded to the public’s demands. He signed the Great Reform Bill of 1832, thus limiting what political powers the monarchy had. As time grew on the organization of the parties became stronger and the party leaders grew more defined, giving more attention and power to the parties and less to the monarchy. Many people found him to be ignorant and weak. This led to the political influence of the British monarchy to decrease even more than it already had with the Great Reform Bill of 1832. After William’s death, his niece, Victoria, came to the throne. She instantly bonded with Whig leader Lord Melbourne who became the father figure she lost when she was little. Victoria’s family often led the public to dislike the monarchy. After her husband, Prince Albert, passed away, Victoria went into mourning and hardly went out in public. The country began to question her as the queen and started to wonder if the monarchy was truly necessary. Also her first son Albert had dropped out of school twice and became quite the playboy, causing the country to not trust him. With him in line for the throne, Victoria saw that his decisions were putting the future of the monarchy at risk. Although Victoria’s family was jeopardizi... ... middle of paper ... ...en quite a lot of talk recently about the Monarchy ceasing to exist, I think it won’t happen in the near future. The Queen is too far into the country’s hearts to throw her out. Also, with the addition of William and Kate’s son, Prince George, the public opinion of the monarch has greatly risen. In conclusion, since 1832 a lot has changed within the monarchy. Because of things such as the Great Reform Bill of 1832 and the formation of political parties, the monarchy’s political roles have greatly decreased. In addition, with the help of growing technology, the social roles of the monarch have blossomed. Through ease of travel and advances in television and radio, the monarchy can be seen and heard by people all around the world. Although the public opinion of the monarch has fluctuated greatly over the years, they always seem to bounce back and land on their feet.
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