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Humankind is an unstable race. People are never satisfied and never will be satisfied with anything in our world. A demanding race seems to need to be cradled by a vigorous and insincere government. This type of government is portrayed in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. In this particular novel, the government uses science and other means, such as pleasure and technology to dictate their society. Technology is a rapidly growing area, particularly in the field of science. “Advances in Biotechnology at the cellular and genetic level inevitably open opportunities for application to humans”(Morgan, Shanahan, Welsh 127). Huxley describes several ways in which technology in science is used to engineer people in their attempts to maintain a utopian society, ultimately creating a dystopian world. His book is used as a warning to humanity and what the world could one day become. According to Morgan, Shanahan and Welsh, “the singular but careless pursuit of technology threatens our very humanity” (Morgan, Shanahan, Welsh 128). They warn that if scientific research and technology is not limited, it could one day pose a threat to the way we live our lives today.
Manufacturing offspring is just one of the many ways used to keep people content in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Natural fertilization is no longer the norm in the World State. In fact, people who are born naturally are called savages and are sent to a reservation. Savages are not content with their way of living and for the most part do not like their government. These reservations are meant to isolate the savages from the other social classes. Artificial insemination is now the only means for reproduction. According to Pope Pius XII “This would convert the domestic hearth, sa...

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...lsh 134). In the world today, the study of artificial insemination is used in a much more mild way than discussed in the book. It is used to get someone pregnant as an alternative to sexual intercourse. One may not have the capabilities to do everything the government does in Brave New World, but that does not necessarily mean one does not possess the potential. One does not want to belong to a government like the World State; one does not want to be a part of a government that gets its control through the means of science.

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In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how aldous huxley's brave new world portrays a demanding and insincere government that uses science and other means to dictate their society.
  • Explains that natural fertilization is no longer the norm in aldous huxley's brave new world. artificial insemination is used for its efficiency and productivity, and to prevent overpopulation.
  • Explains that podsnap's technique facilitates the time needed before the fetus can be born. the babies are engineered to join a certain social caste when they are born and remain content with their social position.
  • Explains that sleep teaching, also known as hypnopaedia, is another way of controlling the people of their world.
  • Explains that drugs and sex are other ways the world state controls its people. soma is a drug that calms people and relaxes them when they are stressed or sad.
  • Opines that scientific research must have a solid line drawn between what is ethically right, and what's wrong.
  • Cites philip morgan, suzanne shanahan, whitney welsh and population council's "brave new worlds: philosophy, politics, and science in human biotechnology."
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