Black Gold Reign

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The level of dependency that America has on foreign oil is harmful to the country and the regions where the oil is located. Many governments in the Middle East region are very unstable and the oil pipelines situated there can be damaged from the fallout of a riot or revolution happening in that country. A great example of this is the revolution happening in Egypt. The Suez-Mediterranean pipeline, a major pipeline in the area, has the possibility of becoming damaged or getting shut down because of the unrest happening at the moment. This would cause gasoline prices to sharply increase, as the Suez-Mediterranean pipeline is a pipeline the United States gets its oil from. Possible solutions to these problems is the interference of the United States military to control the pipeline, serious research to energy sources that can be produced in America, and, once America’s dependency on oil is lowered, help prevent and end wars for oil happening in the region. America needs to stop depending on foreign countries, specifically in the Middle East, for its oil imports and usage.

Nigeria, a country in which 55 years ago had a chance to become great, has become nearly destroyed with the greed of oil. As Nigeria discovered its oil fortune underneath its feet, the country has been spiraling into poverty as almost all other exports dropped off the map. As said by National Geographic, oil accounts for 95 percent of the country’s export earnings and 80 percent of its revenue. In 1960, agricultural products such as palm oil and cacao beans made up nearly all Nigeria’s exports; today, they barely register as trade items (Curse of the Black Gold). Ever since Nigeria joined OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, confirming its spot a...

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