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It was late October 1347 when this terrible disease hit the coast of Europe. This tragedy had many effects on the people of Europe economically and emotionally. The Black Death was brought over by sailors, had many symptoms, spread very quickly, and had a big impact on the people of Europe. With no one really knowing what the black plague was, it caused a great deal of panic when it first showed up. This terrible disease was brought over by some of the sailors that had been infected with this disease and came to the port on the coast of Europe. On those ships were rats that had fleas who carried this disease from one host to another. It eventually spread from fleas to rats, and from rats to humans. Consequently, if you came into contact with …show more content…

The Black Death is known to spread quickly so it was no surprise to see that it had covered a lot of Europe. It also spread to places such as Aragon, Byzantium, Genoa, Majorca, Naples, Sicily, and Venice. In many different places in Europe, it was so contagious that over 20 million people were killed by the disease. This disease causes boils to appear on the upper thigh and upper arm, a fever to arise, and a lot of aches and pains. This also caused the victim to have bleeding in the lungs, mental disorientation, and only 2-4 days to live after contracting the disease. The maximum number of days that one would live after contracting this disease is 7 days and the minimum was 1-2 days. Once again, this was a while ago so they didn’t really have a cure. Also, at that time no one really knew why this disease was spreading in Europe so, they assumed that it was a punishment sent from God for all of the heresy and greed the people of the church had committed. At the time, people of the church were very religious and didn’t like people who would not go along with the church’s rules and beliefs, so heresy was a very common thing alongside greed. With all of this greed and heresy came sin and they believed that God would punish you for your sins. This ended in the theory that the disease was all a

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