Birth Control Methods

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Birth control is a wide range of devices and methods that are used to prevent pregnancy. Another way is condoms, using both or one of these is called family planning. The use of birth control has been used since the beginning of time but it hasn’t been completely perfected till now thanks to the modern technology we have today. There are a lot of types of birth control the first i’m going to talk about is hormonal methods these are known as pills,shots, implants, patches and vaginal rings. pills prevent pregnancy by reducing ovulation and fertility, one perk is they reduce menstrual bleeding and painful cramps. Even some women who have used pills have reported having no periods. Another hormonal birth control route to take are shots, the shots consist of a hormone found/produced in the woman's ovaries this hormone is progesterone. The way it prevents pregnancy is by the injection of the hormone when injected it prevents ovulation. If a women doesn’t ovulate then their are no eggs to be fertilized by the male thus preventing pregnancy. This sh...
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