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Miguel de Cervantes was a famous novelist in Spain in the sixteenth century during the Renaissance. Cervantes lived in Spain during the Golden Age which helped him become a recognized writer. He was very talented, and he showed his talents through the interesting and wonderful novels he wrote. The most famous novel he wrote was called Don Quixote. Cervantes had a very exhausting and enthusiastic life, full of excitement and success. Miguel de Cervantes has great histories which lead him to write his wonderful novels and plays, and these have been very influential during the Renaissance and today’s writers. Cervantes was born on September 29, 1547 in a town near Madrid called Alcala de Henares, Spain. He was the fourth son of seven children. …show more content…

This novel was about a pastoral romance and it was written in prose. Then the first part of Don Quixote was published on 1605. Don Quixote is the novel, on which the quality of Cervantes’ writing outstands, with this novel Cervantes was recognized as a talented writer during the Golden Age in Spain. He wrote this novel while he was in prison in Argamansilla in La Mancha. That is where Don Quixote de la Mancha got his name. This talented novel was about romance and medieval chivalry. This story tells about a madman who thinks he is a knight and battles with a group of windmills with his companion Sancho Panza. This novel of Don Quixote was the first modern novel in Europe.
After writing the first part of Don Quixote he did not publish anything for the next few years. But then he wrote the Exemplary Novels on 1613, which were distinguished for their realism and ironic flavor. Then Cervantes wrote Journey to Parnassus on 1614, which was a long poem. After that he wrote the second part of Don Quixote on 1615. That same year he wrote eight comedies and eight entremesses, which were one of his best works. His last work was Persiles and Sigismunda which was a romantic adventure, but was published on 1617 a year after his

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