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Madeleine L’Engle was a revolutionary author who developed a female protagonist in the 1960s that became a role model for young women throughout America. L’Engle was born the only child to Madeleine Hall Barnett and Charles Wadsworth Camp on November 29, 1918. The Barnett family was distinguished at the very least. L’Engle’s grandfather, the chairman of the Barnett Bank in Jackson, Florida, ran off to France with his mistress, leaving L’Engle’s grandmother heartbroken (Zarin). The dysfunctional family did not end there. Madeleine Hall Barnett was a pianist; her husband was a writer. Little Madeleine was always surrounded by the arts when she was with her parents. Unfortunately, this wasn’t often. Cynthia Zarin of The New Yorker says, “Madeleine’s parents were the kind of couple whose devotion to each other can stymie children. They rose late, read aloud to each other, and went out most nights.” L’Engle often spent her nights eating dinner alone in her bedroom, writing while she waited for her parents to come home (Zarin). L’Engle continued to write throughout her life, keeping journals during her time in boarding school and university, although publishers refused her work left and right. She even thought about quitting the practice altogether during her 30s, but she couldn’t give it up. L’Engle has often said writing is her true passion, even stating that it came before her religion (L'Engle). However, she worked in the theatre for a good handful of years, following in her parents’ footsteps. And when her husband, Hugh Franklin, decided to quit the theatre, they moved to the countryside where they raised a family and bought a general store that they ran together. Despite her busy new life, despite her experience in the theat... ... middle of paper ... ...Nov 2012. Web. 26 Feb 2014. . "Planck's Quantum Theory." Boundless. N.p.. Web. 26 Feb 2014. ck-s-quantum-theory/>. Redd, Nola Taylor. "Reference: Einstein's Theory of General Relativity." TechMedia, 18 Sep 2012. Web. 26 Feb 2014. . Zarin, Cynthia. "Profiles: The Storyteller." The New Yorker. Condé Nast, 12 Apr 2004. Web. 26 Feb 2014. . Voss, Janice. Interview by Jacki Lyden. "L'Engle's Fiction Inspired Real Science." NPR. 8 Sep 2007. Sep . Radio.

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