Big Daddy Psychology

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As a class we were given a list of movies we could choose from to write about the principals of psychology. Personally my favorite movie growing up was “Big Daddy“. Big Daddy is a comedy that was released in the late 1990’s. This movie had my favorite actor, Adam Sandler in it which is why I had watched it at least a million times since it was released. I am also a huge fan of the Sprouce bothers growing up as I wanted them to be my boyfriend *laughs*. Big daddy was about a man named Sonny Koufax (Adam Sandler) whom was a thirty two year old who never wanted to have responsibilities in life. Sonny had attended law school but never went through with getting his bar exam. Sonny’s girlfriend gets mad at him in the movie for not growing up which …show more content…

He has a note he’s holding stating he is Kevin’s son. Kevin is Sonny’s roommate who had just left for China to work at a law firm. After this big news Sonny agrees to watch Julian just until Kevin returns from China. Sonny believes this is the perfect opportunity to win back his ex-girlfriend by introducing her to Julian but, instead he finds out Vanessa has moved on. At first Sonny doesn’t want Julian so he pretends he is Kevin when visiting the social worker. As Sonny is ‘Kevin’ he tells the social worker Julian needs to be returned to his mother but, he finds out Julian’s mother had passed away from cancer. After leaving the social workers office the social worker that deals with Julian’s case has found a foster family for Julian to be relocated but Sonny doesn’t seem to answer any of the phone calls. Sonny had put Julian in school but his teacher is appalled by the behavior Sonny is letting Julian getting away with. After the teacher had talked to Sonny about some of the unacceptable behaviors Sonny had decided he needed to change for Julian’s sake. As the movie goes on Julian and Sonny develop a bond that is unbreakable. Sonny is helping him learn almost everything he needs to from spelling to

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