Biblical Worldview And Support The Bible

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Genesis is the first book of the Bible and a large amount of information about the world can come from reading Genesis. What we learn from Genesis greatly influences our worldview, which is the framework of how we view the world and make value judgments about life. A worldview answers the questions of origin, identity, meaning, morality, and destiny. I believe that I have a biblical worldview and support the Bible in its teachings. When looking at the book of Genesis, specifically Genesis 1-11, key information is learned that shapes our worldview regarding the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and civilization. These four concepts are key to a solid foundation of a worldview. A worldview of the natural world can vary immensely but Genesis provides explanation of the natural world. The natural world is focused on in Genesis chapters one, three, and six. In Genesis 1, God creates the heavens, the world, and all the living creatures and all of it was good and pure. It is known that everything is good and pure from “Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way…” (Gen 1:31). The natural world was good but it all changed after the fall of Adam and Eve. Genesis 3 tells the story of Adam and Eve and how they disobeyed God by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When Adam and Eve were tempted and deceived by the serpent, sin entered into the world. The natural world had been tainted by the sin of Adam and Eve and now, sin is a part of the natural world and sin is in every person in the world. God saw the wickedness and corruption in the world and caused a worldwide flood to remove the wickedness and corruption. Even after the flood, the wickedness and corrup... ... middle of paper ... ...oman and I do not support any form homosexuality. I also believe that our relationships should be full of love and respect. I also believe that our relationship with God is one full of love and grace. So much information can be gained from Genesis and it tells us what our worldview should be like. We should remember that the natural world is filled with wickedness and corruption after Adam and Eve committed the first sin. However, God made man in his image and we should never forget that. God also said that man was good. In human relationships, man is meant to be with woman and there no other way. Civilization has improved so much and man has accomplished all this while having different languages and that is because of God. I believe that I have a biblical worldview and much of that is reassured in Genesis 1-11. I believe in the concepts introduced in Genesis 1-11.
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