Berlin: Der Grau Großstädte

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Berlin, the capital city of Germany, was established on October 28th, 1278. It is located along the Spree river in Eastern Germany, in the state of Brandenburg. ( The language primarily spoken in Berlin is German, which is the official language of Germany. But other languages, such as Danish, Dutch, and Polish are spoken near the borders between Germany and the respective countries. The people of Berlin are very formal and polite in their speech, as well as their actions, as is the custom in Germany. Less formal, friendly interactions are reserved for very close friends and family. (
Religion is very prevalent in Berlin, with approximately 72% of the people belonging to some kind of faith. The majority of people are either Protestant or Roman Catholic, but a small percentage of Berliners are of the Muslim faith or are non-religious. ( After World War II in Germany, the National Constitution was altered to prevent another dictator from coming into power. Included in the revision was a law ensuring that all religions can practice freely without the fear of persecution. (
In Germany, the Euro is most often the only acceptable form of currency. In cities bordering foreign countries, or in places of high tourist activity, other forms of currency may be accepted, but it is very rare. ( Most travelers stick to cash when abroad, because not only will your debit or credit card be rejected at most places, it is also likely that many banks in the US will become suspicious and assume fraud is being committed if your card is used in a foreign country. ( Luckily, Germany as a whole is still very cash-based. It is ...

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