Beowulf: Christian Vs. Old, Christian Versus Pagan

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The night was dark, a great hall stood upon the land, next to it was a fen, filled with dark creatures. Out of this fen, came the darkest of them all, Grendel! Inside the hall were Guards, since they figured that no one would dare attack this hall, they slept, having drunk much wine, and feasted on a many a thing. Grendel was quick and agile. Before they knew it, their bones were in his mouth, and their blood upon the floor. Beowulf is the story of Good versus Evil, New versus Old, Christian versus Pagan, and reflects upon a changing time in Europe, a place where the Roman Catholic Church has just arrived, and echos the time it was in. Beowulf has many references to Christian and Pagan religions. It refers to these to as Good and Evil, …show more content…

The king, Hrothgar, is a splendiferous and wise ruler, who is said to have killed a bear with his own hands. One day Hrothgar dreamt of building a great hall, Heorot, in the book it is described as, “‘in the dream I saw a hall that was bigger than hall built since the beginning of the world. The floors shone, and the roofs were gold. There was ivory everywhere, and a throne where a king could sit.’”, “‘And my own brave men shall eat and drink it it. I shall call the hall Heorot.’” In this hall, is too much joy for the monster, living in the fen. This monster goes by, Grendel. Grendel, is the son of Cain, the man from the bible, who killed his brother Abel. Grendel comes and terrorizes Heorot, bringing joy to the worst of the king’s court, Unferth. Unferth is an evil man, with a boil on his neck who believes that Grendel is the best! For example, after the attack he seemed almost, happy, “Unferth nodded. A horrid little look of amusement hovered about his mouth. ‘That’s right. Grendel was here!’” The king’s wife, Wealtheow, represents the Christianity entering the world, for she is wise, wears a blue cloak, and gives

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