Beowulf Characteristics

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Beowulf was a story during the Anglo-Saxon time period and the poem was retold by Burton Raffel. Beowulf is an Epic poem, which is characterized by a long narrative poem that celebrates heroic deeds and legendary events. Therefore, these events in the poems are not exactly humanly possible, but make for a dramatic story telling. The main reason Beowulf fits the theme of an Anglo-Saxon lyric is due to it containing a legendary hero. Ironically, the hero 's name in Beowulf is Beowulf. Beowulf has many traits from the Anglo-Saxon definition of a legendary hero. He distinguishes these traits quite vividly throughout the lyrics of Beowulf. Traits of a legendary hero include: a larger-than-life character, culture, loyalty, bravery, and honor. Also, Beowulf is male, which was accepted by society in the Anglo-Saxon time period. Males generally trumped females in all aspects of life during this time period. Additional traits of a legendary hero include: a semi-divine origin, physical strength, skilled, smart, courageous, kind, and big hearted. These were all traits of shown in the famous Beowulf, the legendary hero in the lyric Beowulf. Beowulf, also,…show more content…
Beowulf decided to fight a dragon in order to gather honor from his people. He wants to prove that he still has it in him to battle because he is getting older. Every legendary hero will have a final quest because they are not undefeatable. However, they are still strong and will go down with honor. Beowulf found the treasure for his people to have and whenever he was dying he told Wiglaf to take it back and share with the others. Wiglaf was the only warrior who stayed to help Beowulf. Beowulf noticed this and told Wiglaf to lead the Geats. Therefore, this makes Beowulf a hero because it showed he has a big heart and that he is defeatable. Also, Beowulf will be remembered by his people forever because of the great deeds he
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