Benefits Of The New Hampshire Primary

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The Democratic National Committee task force charged with establishing Democrat policy on future presidential primaries, voted 23-2 last Saturday, to diminish the New Hampshire Primary's role in choosing future party standard bearers by adding more state caucuses immediately before the New Hampshire Primary and by adding additional state primaries right behind the New Hampshire Primary.

Why whack New Hampshire? Well, according to the DNC, its because we're, well, just "too white."

If the Republican National Committee had acted similarly and voted to dead-end the New Hampshire Primary because we were just, "too black," as U.S. Marshall, Rooster Cogburn, warned Texas Ranger, La Boeuf, it would be as if a ton of bricks had fallen on the RNC. The ACLU, NAACP, and every leftward acronym from ABC to XYZ would have jumped on the RNC and stuck like white on rice. Republicans nation wide would be excoriated. They'd weld Bush to Jefferson Davis. No Republican could escape the mud. Neither Mattie Ross, Lawyer Daggett, Daniel Webster, Jimmy Cochran or all the King's horses or all the King's men could put the Republican Party together again.

Face it. The DNC vote was racist.

A few N.H. Democrats get it. Because Democratic Party insiders knew that the DNC outcome was a given, for weeks Kathy Sullivan, N.H. Democratic Party Chair, and her Governor, John Lynch have been preparing for the worst and working hard to inoculate their N.H. Democrats from the predictable effect of just such outlandishness - talking and writing incessantly about how important it is to preserve New Hampshire's first in the nation status. Sullivan, and Lynch, are now, back peddling even faster now than they were before the DNC vote. After all, wanting th...

... middle of paper ..., at the age of 89. In 1968, in the blackest days of Vietnam, Gene McCarthy, challenged then President, Lyndon Johnson, in the New Hampshire Primary. McCarthy made Johnson's Vietnam excursion a central issue of his campaign. McCarthy got 42% of the Democrat vote and denied Johnson, majority support of New Hampshire Democrats. Johnson became damaged goods. Not much later, Johnson announced he'd not run again. The power of the N.H. Primary.

The New Hampshire Primary is indeed, all about retail politics. A blood sport. High fliers who fail our sniff test fall from grace. Running candidates close and personal means Party bosses can't control outcomes. Bosses can't chose insiders. Why, do you suppose, DNC godfathers hate the N.H. Primary?

New Hampshire's not predictable because we're "too white." The reason we're not predictable is because we give a damn.
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