Benefits Of Political Term Limits

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Political Term Limits Term limits are a powerful political force and political reform. Throughout the establishment of the United States government, term limits have provided the American citizens the ability to regulate executive power. Many American citizens approve of the idea of term limits for Congressmen, along with many states and hundreds of cities and counties across the United States, yet the application of term limits of those in Congress has yet to be set. On the contrary, however, some state and local governments have adopted term limits for officials. This active and swift spread of support demonstrates that the public is not satisfied with the efforts of their prevalent careerism and think that adding amendments to the federal legislator would benefit Congress and the nation as…show more content…
That’s why we keep them there because we don’t want to have to train someone new every so many years. You have to think about the other side, though: these politicians stay in Congress for so long that they have no deadline to see their plans and ideas come into action; they have no motivation. We elect these people in hopes that they will change the way things are at that moment and we wait on these changes to happen while they just sit there are earn money for not doing anything. They make careers out of doing nothing and helping no one. Congressional term limits show a lot of benefit to our nation’s governmental system. It allows more people to share ideas and spread diversity. It limits the amount of corruption and bribery that goes on within the system. Of course there are reasons that counter why term limits should be an options but they aren’t anything that can’t be worked on and easily fixed. Term limits is something that needs to be deeply considered by our nation’s people if they want to see the change every politician is talking
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