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Bellamy Blake, as I understand the character, is someone who is deeply empathetic and loyal to the people that he loves. I also believe that one of the things that make him such a polarizing character is the fact that he has a tendency to see the world through an, “Us VS Them” lens. He fiercely protects the people that he sees on the “us” side, often to the determent of his conscious. One of the things that make pilot Bellamy so different from the one that we know and love in the future series is that his “us” circle is so small right now, only him and Octavia. The fact that they separate the two in the pilot makes it hard for the viewer to connect the actions of Bellamy with his fierce need to protect his sister. It’s only upon rewatch that a viewer will see that, while also trying to save his own life, his main goal is to make sure that he is alive to take care of Octavia, which he still sees as his only goal and purpose in life. When we first see him in the pilot, Bellamy has lived for a while with the fact that he inadvertently caused his mother to be floated and his sister to be locked up with her fate all but sealed. So with the first days on the ground, he displays an almost manic-like focus on Octavia and does things that he obviously grows to regret. …show more content…

However, in the first season, you see the kind of power that Bellamy has with his words. Bellamy has a way of getting to someone's heart and speaking to it. So his mantra of “Whatever the hell we want,” is brilliantly chosen because he knows that what these kids want more than anything is the freedom that they didn’t have on the ark. So, he offers it to them and by doing so he becomes a kind of cult leader for the

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