Being Transgander: The Experience Of Transgender Identity Development

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Humanity has always been divided into two main groups all over the world, male and female. Throughout time we can see how biology created specific roles for both genders and how that has shaped their place and status in society. However, we live in a rapidly changing world that is now looking at gender as much more complex then just male or female. We now look at groups like the LGBTQIA who acknowledge that gender is not as simple as male or female. Gender roles set by modern society are being broken and people are wondering: what does gender mean, and what determines it?
Gender is different from sex in the way that it describes a person’s social role, rank, appearance, and the general manner they exit in, while sex is determined by genitalia.
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This study included people with and without sex changes and looked at the mental and physical development of these transgender individuals. Most participants described how they felt “different” for as long as they could remember. Most participants also discussed how as they developed they participated in acculturative processes that blurred the line between male and female roles/ characteristics. In these situations simply learning to be transgender through modeling or societal expectations was not the…show more content…
It is as simple as a little girl who wants to play football and dress boyish, or a boy who wants to do ballet and wear nail polish. These children may not feel like the other gender yet they still express traits that do not fit their role. Today this is hardly shocking as parents are allowing for children to express themselves in ways they choose. This blending of gender roles has allowed us to see that you cannot place a gender on a job, a color, a toy, or a
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