Being A Substance And A Property Dualist

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Does a chair feel a certain way when an individual sits on it? Conversely, if the chair was replaced by a human being, how would one react? One can view the mind-body problem to differentiate his or her mental and physical perspective. An individual can address his or her perspective as a monist, dualist or functionalist. My perspective is that I am a substance and a property dualist because I view that the mind and body are made out of different properties, where the mind is not composed by the same substance as the body. On top of this, I also believe that even though the mind can be made up of physical properties, like the brain, however the mind has features that cannot be a way to function the brain. Hence, from the beliefs that I have been developing as a child and the experiences I have gone through, I believe I am a substance and a property dualist. Monism is a philosophical approach of the universe being ultimately one thing or substance. (Friedenbreg & Silverman, 2012, p. 26) Just like humans consider to have sentiments, monists might consider that any object like a chair can have feelings towards other substances or humans. Monism contains four sub-categories: physical monism, metaphysical monism, neutral monism and qualified monism. Physical monism is a belief that everything is still one, but the material of any variety is physical. (Friedenbreg & Silverman, 2012, p. 26) In other words, physicalism or materialism is a principle that the existence of everything is physical. (Friedenbreg & Silverman, 2012, p. 26) Moreover, metaphysical monists or known as idealist have an approach that everything is not physical, it is above physical. (Friedenbreg & Silverman, 2012, p. 26) From Bertrand Russell’s theories, neutral mon... ... middle of paper ... the brain, therefore it allows us to receive a soul. Like the robot example, the phone is created by different material than us which lets it not receive a soul. Plus, a substance dualist has a view that an individual’s soul or mind has mental characteristics. (DeWeese & Moreland, 2005, p. 112) As an illustration, my soul had mental properties when I went through the emotional trauma when my grandpa and aunt passed away. Going through such pain is considered as a mental property because you are conscious of the pain you are going through. (DeWeese & Moreland, 2005, p. 112) Keeping that in mind, my belief is that the mind is able to form thoughts, but physical objects who exist without the mind, do not have the similar ability. Consequently, with my personal experience I was able to establish that my perspective leads more towards substance and property dualism.

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