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Educational psychologists have paid a great attention to have a true understanding of how people learn something new. In the last few centuries, many theories have seen the light of the day and among all the theories, I found behaviorism, cognitivism and experimentalism highly interesting. Since, there is no single universal definition of learning, theories are still proposed and some of them overlap the traditional ones. As the skills acquired by learning, contributes greatly in the overall development of a nation, there is great curiosity around the subject. If a trainer or a teacher knows well, about the learning style of his student or trainee, then things can become much easier for both. While the theories of behaviorism and cognitivism are use in imparting knowledge to kids in schools, experimentalism advocates for learning through personal experiences and is also highly popular in kindergartens, schools, colleges, medical laboratories, corporate training, etc. This essay will include the advantages and limitations of the selected learning theories, followed by a careful evaluation of the research methods so that at the end, the analysis is done in a most justified manner.
Believe or not, the learning theory of behaviourism works on this assumption that a person learns a behavior from his or her surrounding environment, peer groups, media and society. This immediately contradicts the traditional thinking that behavior is inherited. There are two learning theories that are with the theory of behaviourism. One is classical conditioning and other one is operant conditioning. Classical conditioning is a theory proposed by Ivan Pavlov in the 1990’s. He performs an experiment on dog to find out that whether it i...

... middle of paper ... if we do not indulge in any mischievous activity till they return from their party, they will surely bring some gift! In such a case, unintentionally behavioral theory gets implementation where gift is used as a stimuli.
Out of the three theories, it becomes evident that the experimental theory of learning triumphs over the remaining two as it involves the actual act of doing something to learn by own experiences. Today most of the universities and corporate trainers use this theory for imparting learning in a time bound manner. Moreover, this theory does not have any limitations and can combine behavioral and cognitive learning along with experiments to reflect upon any concept to grasp it in its entity. Learning should always be imparted in a way in which a learner can grasp the subject swiftly and most importantly rightly with no misconceptions and confusions.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that educational psychologists have a true understanding of how people learn something new. behaviorism, cognitivism, and experimentalism are highly interesting theories.
  • Explains that the learning theory of behaviourism contradicts the traditional thinking that behavior is inherited.
  • Explains that all three learning theories have their own set of advantages and limitations. the theory of bbehaviourism is deduced by conducting experiments on animals like rats, dogs, pigeons.
  • Explains that learning is a complex process that requires many different approaches for implementation on child. the experimental theory of learning triumphs over the remaining two theories.
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