"Before Breakfast" by Eugene O'Neill

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Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast is a short gloomy play by Eugene O'Neill. Eugene O'Neill was born in 1888 in New York City. He is the only American dramatist to ever win the Nobel Prize for literature. Before Breakfast is set in the Greenwich Village section of New York City, in a small one room flat on Christopher Street. The flat consists of a kitchen and dinning area. There are only two characters in this drama. Mrs. Roland who is the only speaking character and her husband Alfred. Alfred's hand is seen once in the play, but not much else. This is symbolic of an absentee husband or a non-existent marriage. Although, Alfred is not seen, he contributes a great deal to the conflict. With only Mrs. Rowland on stage, O'Neill allows the plot to revolve around her.

This drama portrays that aspirations and dreams are dashed by hardships and cold reality. A couple entangled in a lengthy struggle, destined to end in tragedy. The conflict begins long before we meet Mr. And Mrs. Rowland. The couple was married when Mrs. Rowland became pregnant at a young age. Alfred'...
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