Banning Boxing

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Banning Boxing

Last year half the world stood still for one of the biggest spectacles

in sport - a championship-boxing match. In May 2002, Lennox Lewis and

Mike Tyson stepped in the ring to settle a yearlong grudge by fighting

each other. For the event, both men were flown to Las Vegas, Nevada,

where they trained for weeks and prepared themselves for the bout. The

revenue created from stadium seats, advertising and pay-per-view

television (arranged by Don King of course) amounted to over 100

million dollars, all leading up to a bout that, in all possibility,

could have been over in the first round. Months of preparation and

millions of dollars in investment would climax in a 3-minute event.

There is no doubt that boxing is big business and lucrative to invest

in, but some people believe that boxing should be banned because of

its violent and aggressive nature, and they refuse to regard it as

'sport'. Boxing, which is basically the act of fighting to knock your

opponent out, began when the Greeks staged arranged fights in the

Ancient Olympics, where it was regarded as prestigious as the javelin

throwing and running events. As Roman sport centred on mortal combat

and elaborate deaths, boxing today generally celebrates violence and a

good knockout. Boxing seems to be a mindless sport with little skill

but a resistance to pain and an aggressive streak. Anti-boxing

activists claim that the main reasons why boxing should be are more

important than any economic benefit. Firstly, common human opinion

regards fighting as a primitive way to solve any grudge or problems

rather than communicating.

There is no greater deterrent for boxers ...

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...ry, the consequences may be disastrous. Although boxing is good for

the physical form (being the most difficult and strenuous sport there

is), it leaves us with the impression that violence can be condoned or

even condoned.

The example of Mike Tyson gives us evidence that there are sometimes

when boxing is especially unsafe. In 1998, a bout between him and

Evander Holyfield held the scene for some of the most disgusting

scenes witness in boxing. In a fit of mad rage, Tyson began to grab

Holyfield by the head and repeatedly lunged at his right ear.

Eventually, after many attempts, he managed to bite of a fleshy chunk

of his ear and the match was abandoned. Although Tyson was rightly

punished for his actions, it leads us to believe that men like him

should not be allowed to enter the ring and boxing should be banned.

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