Bandeau Bd History And History Of The Bandau Bra

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A bandeau bra is basically a strip of cloth that is wrapped around woman’s chest. It is often made of various stretchy materials, such as silk, nylon, viscose, spandex or cotton blends. There are versions of the bra who offer barely any or no support but some versions include shaped, built-in cups or foam padding, who offer some support for the wearer. They also come in underwired versions, for those who need extra support, however, they are not common.
Bandeau bras are designed to either fasten in the front or at the back. Some versions are elastic enough to the point that no fastener is required at all.
In a strict sense, there are only two edges in a bandeau bra, although sometimes they are manufactured with a halter strap, which is detachable, and goes around the neck. …show more content…

It can be paired with numerous attire, although strapless dresses and tops suits it best.

History of the Bandeau Bra
History of a bandeau bra dates back to the times of Roman Empire. Bandeau style bras consisted of a band of cloth which was worn by women to achieve a boyish silhouette with keeping their breasts flat and to conceal their bosoms. Since Roman men were held in great prestige, women wanted to appear as masculine as possible, therefore they wanted their upper bodies to appear as small as possible. When the boyish silhouette was not fashionable anymore, the bandeau bra became a term for more shapely support garments.
In the 1920s the term was referring to a simply shaped brassiere, usually made out of a soft fabric and delicate trimmings, who were offering barely any support or shaping. Sometimes it was made from an elastic material in order to suppress the breasts and flatten them in the style of the period. When the fashion was not in favor of the “boyish” silhouette, the word “brassiere” or later “bra” were the term for more shapely support

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